House of Steel

House of Steel

A Leading Building & Construction Materials stockist-merchant

Since its inception by Mohammed Merchant in 1991, House of Steel is committed to be a unique and valuable link in the steel supply chain by being the partner of choice for steel products.

House of Steel has become a solid stockist-merchant by dealing a wide variety of steel products. Creativity and flexibility are essential to enable us to seize opportunities and establish long-term business relationships. Our longstanding relationships and strategic alliances with steel mills and manufacturers allow us to provide the best possible services and prices to our customers. Over thirty years of experience has provided House of Steel with knowledge, expertise and a strong connection with the global steel market.

House of Steel holds to its compact internal business structure which allows flexibility, fast decision making and clear goals. We strive to create a flexible environment enabling us to comply with our clients' as well as suppliers’ needs.


Mohammed Merchant - Managing Director

Mohammed Merchant is the Managing Director of House Steel. He has been in the steel business since the 1970s and arrived in Kuwait in 1970. Mr. Merchant is an active expatriate of Kuwait. He has held eminent positions in the Indian Business Forum and Indian Arts Circle. Mr. Merchant has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. He is also an owner of Natraj restaurant in Algrave, Portugal. He graduated from Sydhnam college in Mumbai, India.

Anushka Merchant - Manager