House of Steel


We offer a wide range of building construction materials. We have listed some below. For a more thorough listing or product inquiry please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Pipe Black From: 10NB To: 600NB

Pipe Galvanised From: 15NB To: 150NB


RHS Painted From:13x13 mm To: 250x250 mm

RHS Galvanised From: 20x20 mm To: 100x100 mm


Flat Bar Black From: 10x3 mm To: 300x25 mm

Flat Bar Galvanised From: 20x3 mm To: 150x10 mm


Angle Black Pipe From: 20x20 mm To: 200x200 mm

Angle Galvanised From: 20x20 mm To: 75x75 mm


Round From: 6 mm To: 450 mm

Round Galvanised From: 10 mm To: 20 mm

roundsteel Square Bar Pipe From: 10 mm To: 100 mm squarebar

Channel hot rolled From: 75x40 mm To: 100x380 mm

Channel cold rolled From: 50x25 mm To: 100x50 mm

channel Universal beams From: 100 UB To: 610 UB universalbeams